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Read what commentators have said about Point Made.

"Iíve seen no other book so clearly provide concrete and diverse examples of 'what this stuff' should look and sound like when itís done right . . . . [my] revision radically improved . . . . incredibly helpful."

--Wendy McGuire Coates, The Ninth
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"Point Made is writing-nerd nirvana--essentially, the Roberts piece on steroids. Guberman has analyzed the writing of fifty top lawyers, and distilled fifty writing lessons. His text is interspersed with quotations from the source material. So if, for example, you like seeing how Maureen Mahoney uses lists or distinguishes contrary authority--and you know we do--Point Made is your kind of book. It instantly won a place on my short list of favorite legal-writing books, alongside the Curmudgeon and the Garner canon."

--Jay OíKeeffe, De Novo: A Virginia Appellate Law Blog
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Most good-writing books suffer from a sleep-inducing sameness. Often smug and condescending, they tell you what to do and what not to do . . . . Author Ross Guberman breaks the die. His entertaining and informative Point Made: How to Write Like the Nationís Top Advocates takes a smart approach to writing persuasive legal briefs. Rather than lecturing the reader about what to do, Point Made shows you how the headline lawyers do it.

--Steven R. Merican, Illinois Appellate Lawyer Blog
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"Effective advocacy consists of a skillful blend of clear language and a sense of dramatic structure. Guberman's exemplars demonstrate again and again how to transform an otherwise ordinary case into a morality tale with a happy ending."

--Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson

"I love this book and recommend it for everyone. Ross Guberman's bag of tricks will spiff up your writing. He shares 50 techniques, and then--the fun part--he offers choice nuggets to show you how the hot shots pull it off."

-- Ronald Marmer, Chair, ABA Section on Litigation; Partner, Jenner & Block

"Point Made doesn't just tell you how to write better briefs; it shows you how to you. Dissecting the works of some of the legal profession's best writers, Point Made sets out the concrete components of an effective brief. Its practical, trenchant advice makes it an invaluable tool for any lawyer wishing to improve his or her brief writing."

-- Dan Schweitzer, Supreme Court Counsel, National Association of Attorney General

"In his latest book, Ross Guberman writes about the art of legal writing the way George Will writes about baseball-combining the passion of a true, devoted fan with keen insights into the way the best players practice their craft. Like Mr. Will, Ross dispels the notion that for most of us, the game is and should remain a wonderful mystery. This landmark, one-of-a-kind book presents the opportunity to peer right over the shoulders of some of the greatest living legal writers and, with Ross's humble narration, watch them employ their hallmark techniques, twists and tricks. The reader gains not only a deeper appreciation of the art of legal writing, but also great clarity about how to transform one's own writing from Triple AAA ball to the Hall of Fame. I highly recommend Point Made: How to Write Like the Nation's Top Advocates as a must-read for litigation partners and associates alike."

--Scott Westfahl, Chair, Professional Development Consortium

"A tour de force. I learned so much from Ross Guberman's perfectly organized library of suggestions for great legal writing, illustrated by pitch-perfect examples from advocates."

--Tom Goldstein, Founder, SCOTUSBlog; Partner in Supreme Court Practice, Akin Gump

"A must for the library of veteran litigators and aspiring moot court competitors. Ross Guberman teaches the art of persuasive legal writing with lively quotes from top-notch briefs, coupled with his own insights and recommendations."

--Stephen Shapiro, Partner in Supreme Court Practice, Mayer Brown

The only way to teach students how to be effective legal writers is to immerse them in as much outstanding legal writing as possible. By concentrating so much great written advocacy so compactly--and by focusing readers' attention so precisely on the qualities that make the selected texts so compelling--this book supplies an indispensable tool to those engaged in the craft of making excellent lawyers.

-- Dan M. Kahan, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law, Yale Law School

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